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Home Exterior

Lighting Control

Automate your lights to come on as you enter a room and turn off after you leave.  Set a schedule to change the color of your lighting and the brightness when you are ready to relax.  You can even control your lights from your mobile device when you are away.

Mother and Baby Sleeping

Temperature Control

Use smart thermostats to keep your room cool while you sleep and then warm the room just before you wake up.  Save on energy costs by automating temperatures while you are away from home.


Shade Control

Programming your window treatments is simple. Operate them from your mobile device with a swipe of a finger. Create customized scenes that move each of your shades to preferred positions, We can automate the scenes to operate on their own custom schedule.

Baby Toes


Use the night vision monitor to check in and see if he's in distress or just settling down.  Use the two-way intercom system to soothe your little guy or turn on a sweet lullaby to help him get back to sleep all from your phone.

Digital Security System


With advancements in security automation, you can keep an eye on who's coming and going, lock or unlock your doors, arm and disarm your security system and more.


Leak Detection

Other options for home automation include water leak detection and automatic water shut off.  If you've ever had a pipe burst, you know that even a few minutes can make a big difference in mitigating damage.

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